My family home

entertained Claudia, Giacomo and Amelia ( MOO ) and my wife Stella.

We created a simple but elegant house with relatively large outdoor space and a pool in a sort after affluent area.

Our vision was for a house fit for an Architect and his family, with some Classic undertones.

our challenge was for an Architect whose whole working life has been spent designing and building ultra Modern spaces to be held back and be more conservative to create what seemed to be a large house on a relatively small footprint.

Our solution was completely deleting all corridors and designing a house in the style of the classicists, whereby all the rooms are entered from other rooms and form a symmetrically planned house

the stand out features are the bathrooms with their ‘island’ showers and the overall planning, giving the house a modern feel yet kept hidden initially from view by the confronting Classicist mask